Calgary Improv School Courses

The Calgary Improv School is a school of improv co-produced by two of Calgary’s biggest improv companies, The Kinkonauts and Obviously Improv.

We offer improv classes to take you from beginner to expert, engaging your creativity and fun, and performing on the completely made-up stage. Improve your work, relationships, and well-being with the best brain training on the planet, taught by the best improvisors in the city.

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Beginner Courses

Just getting your improv feet wet? These classes are designed to take you from your first kick at the can, all the way to getting some confidence onstage.

Course: Level A – Improv Foundations 

You love watching, now get playing!  Learn the basics of improv and turn fear into fun with this easy-going introduction to improvised theatre.

Course: Level B – Character & Scenework I

Telling entertaining stories is what improvisers strive to do.  This course will explore narrative structure and character creation within an improv scene.

Intermediate Courses

Course: Level C – Character & Scenework II

Build on the content of Level B in this course that explores storytelling and character in greater depth and variety.

Course: Level D – Games & Formats

This course will take you through both long-form formats and short-form games.  Become familiar with some of the many ways improv is played around the world!

Course: Impro Mama – Coaching for Female Improvisers

This one’s for the ladies. Participants can expect personal improv coaching to help you identify your strengths and habits as an improviser.  Limitations that female improvisers are often faced with and the strategies for overcoming them will also be explored. (Open to beginners and intermediate players)

Intensive Course with Obviously Improv

Join Obviously Improv’s artistic director, Laura Tennisco, for this one-weekend intensive geared at those interested in learning OvProv’s fast-paced style, super-fun games, short-form formats and our company values.

Advanced Courses

Have you taken our beginner courses and are hungry for more? These courses branch off into two distinct styles of improv that both use the foundational skills taught in the beginner courses, but apply them in completely different ways!

Short Form Level 1

Continue your growth as an improviser with Obviously Improv – Calgary’s game-based short-form troupe.  Delve deep into the joyful, quick-thinking, mindmelt that trademarks short-form improv formats and games.

*Completion of Level D and instructor recommendation are required for admittance into Short Form Level 1.

Long Form Level 1

*Completion of Level D and instructor recommendation are required for admittance into Long Form Level 1.

Now What?

The Kinkonauts and Obviously Improv both use the Calgary Improv School as a way to meet new potential members!

Students who have completed intermediate courses and are interested in furthering their involvement with improv may be invited by either or both of these companies to join their companies.